Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The difficult second!

Time for my second blog post, to be fair I've been looking forward to getting back on here and showing what I have been up to. 
Im naturally a pretty quick painter but because of a hectic last few days I haven't managed to get as much done as I would have liked. We all know how real life can really limit the amount of time we have to put into the hobby!

First of all, I thought i'd put up some pictures of some harlequin models I did back when the current eldar codex was released, I think it was 2006, Im still really pleased with how these guys look and I think i'll be keeping them and using them in the new and improved eldar army I am planning! I'll be re basing them though to a different style as I really like the scenic bases now. When I was younger I was very much sold on the more plain base. 
Next on the list of older models I thought i'd put on the blog is a few shots of my imperial guard. I have about 1750 of these guys and they are nearly all painted! I think I have one more infantry sqd to paint and the command group. The idea with these guys is to hopefully get them all finished and then probably sell them on, I've never been a big fan of gun line armies, so rather than have it sat in a box somewhere I think it should at least go to someone who would use it!
here is a picture of one of the leman russ's and a un based infantry sqd

Right then on to the most recent hobby activities! Here are a couple of pictures of the first raven guard tactical sqd I have done. Looking at the sqd now there is a few things I would have done a bit differently. I want the army to be quite fluffy so I decided to have very minimal mk7 marines, mostly because in the background its said that the raven guard mostly use the beakie type armour and older variants. So for this sqd I have only included two of the mk7 marines, even though I am very happy with the pose's for both models I am tempted to replace them eventually with some older armour variants. Mostly because Forge world is going to be doing a series of books on the Horus Heresy! And i'd love to be able to field a heresy era raven guard force. Although if I'm being honest I do quite fancy doing one of the iconic traitor legions! we will see... Im hoping to go to games day this year and the book is gonna be for sale there fingers crossed i'll be able to grab one!
back on topic now, here is a few of the marines, and a group shot.
Last on my list of things to share with on here is my work in progress necron warrior, I have to admit that this paint scheme isn't my doing at all. I borrowed the scheme from the minijunkie blog, I really like the colours used and with the use of an airbrush its quite quick to paint. I think in total this guy took me about an hour! The reason I have started painting the necrons you ask? well there is a few reasons. The first is that I am going to the planetary empires campaign weekend at warhammer world in november. Its kind of an escalation story driven weekend. For the weekend you play various point level games with the biggest being 2500. Now I have no chance of fielding 2500 points fully painted of anything so decided that this would be the prime opportunity for me to get that elusive finished army!The other reason for necrons is I wanted to paint something alittle bit different than my usual elder/marine armies that I always go back to.
So.... here is my test model. Like I said before i'm quite happy with how this guy has turned out, although looking at it now I can see that I need to tidy up some flash on his ankle :o/ 


Thursday, 16 August 2012

The beginning

Hey guys, I have decided to do a weekly blog update documenting my model painting. I'm hoping to eventually try my hand at some tutorials and maybe even some youtube videos, I suppose it all boils down to if there is enough demand or questions about it.
I thought I'd start off with showing some of my older models and then progress to some of me newer ones.

First off is the wight king, I bought this model the day it came out with the idea of entering it into a painting competition at my local gw. I didn't win the competition with this guy, but I did enjoy painting him.

Next up I thought I's show some of the off the 40k stuff I have painted. I'll start with the blood angel marine, I painted this guy to see if I could paint a blood angel if im honest, I always used to struggle with painting red when I was alot younger and thought I would try and exercise the daemons!
I think he turned out pretty well, Although I really need to learn how to take photo's as the colour seems quite washed out.
 Next up is astorath the grim! I loved this model when it was released and thought that seems I have no intentions of doing a blood angel force, I'd try my hand at NMM with him.
Im pretty happy with how the gold turned out, Although I can see the areas that need improvement for the next time I attempt the technique.

And lastly I thought i'd show you the most recent models off my painting table. These guys are an exercise in speed painting as im trying to build a warriors of chaos army quickly and to use in a tournament. I always saw myself as more of a modeller than a player, but having discovered a new gaming group ive been really bitten by the competitive gaming bug!

Here is my army's general a Tzeentch lvl4 on a disc. Im quite happy with the osl on this model and also the purple blends on his chain mail, It was my first time attempting that with and airbrush and I think the result is quite nice.
And lastly my lv2 This guy must have took me about 2 hours in total. Im pretty happy again with the airbrush work on his robes as they took next to no time and the overall effect is quite nice. Again though these guys are mostly for gaming so im not really trying to pull out any of the stops on them.
Well I guess thats my first post, Hopefully the first of many.